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Spotify Marketing


In order to get organic exposure on Spotify, you have to show the algorithm that you are worth it. But how? We'll show you everything in the next video

How to Promote your Music on Social Media

💬 Tell Us Who Should Listen To Your Music

Send us a link to your music, tell us a bit about your target listeners and provide keywords that describe your music.

📣 We Advertise Your Music On Social Media

Through Facebook and Instagram Ads, we promote your music on Spotify and drive relevant traffic to your profile. Spotify will catch on and bring more organic traffic that is similar to the ad traffic.

✨ Get Real User Engagement

The views targeted in the promotion will naturally find your music interesting, and can follow and subscribe to your channel.

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Let us promote you on social media

music marketing experts | no bots | data driven campigan | A/B testing | creating a fanbase | by the book

We don't use fake followers, fake streams, and bots.

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Trusted by musicians from all over the plant

Empowering Musicians

Each and every artists takes us on a unique quest, see how we do it with real stories and strategies

863.89$ that brought us: 162,752 streams (79% organic push from Spotify).

Social Media plus Playlists equals Organic Impact

Rearview are a LO-FI beats duo that had a great success story when it comes to building a relationship with the Spotify algorithm with our strategy. First step: We’ve build a social media conversion based campaigns that would drive traffic to their latest EP release.

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